Instructions for Authors

Notes for Authors

1. Text


1.1 Manuscripts should be written horizontally in Mandarin in. Please ensure appropriate use of punctuation, paragraphs, and page numbering.
1.2 The manuscript should be structured in the order suggested below:


1) Cover page: Including the title in both Mandarin and English, name of the author, author’s affiliation, correspondence address, contact telephone number, and information relevant to the research topic
2) Abstract (in Mandarin and English): The abstract should not exceed 500 characters, and keywords should be indicated. The number of keywords should not exceed 5.
3) Foreword                                
4) Main body: This should include sections for literature review, source and type of data, research methodology, research process, and description of empirical data
5) Research results and discussion
6) Conclusion and recommendations
7) Acknowledgement
8) References


1.3 Label the chapters, sections, and figures and tables using ‘一’, ‘(一)’, and ‘1’ respectively.
1.4 Where footnotes are used to give further explanation on points in the main text, use superscript like 1、2… to indicate the footnotes, and put the actual footnotes at the bottom of the page. Ensure that the reference footnote is adopted and when indicating the source of information, write (‘author’, ‘year’) after the point, then give the full title and information in the References section.
1.5 For manuscripts that have passed the initial review and received comments, after the appropriate amendments are made, the amended manuscript should be saved in Word2003 version of Windows. The file should then be e-mailed or saved onto a disc and then posted back along with a printed copy to the editorial board.

2. Figures and Tables


2.1 All figures and tables should be clearly illustrated, explained in the body text, be presented in chronological order, and given appropriate captions.
2.2 The size of the figures and tables should not exceed B4 size (46.2cm ×25.7cm). The text contained inside the figures and tables should be very clear, and easy to read even after being reduced by 50%.
2.3 All figures, tables and pictures should be in black and white.

3. References


3.1 All cited literature and research must be fully listed in the References section
3.2 When listing references and bibliographies, start with Mandarin titles first, and then English titles. Order the list of reference titles according to the number of strokes in the author’s surname, or in alphabetical order.
3.3 Details of each reference entry should be presented in the order presented here

  1) Journal papers: Name of author, year (Gregorian calendar), paper title, name of journal, Vol., (Issue No.): page(s)

Mandarin title   王志文,1997,臺灣地區都市聚集經濟之研究,「臺灣經濟」,24:19-33。
English title   Bassett, K., 1996, “Partnerships, business elites and urban politics: new forms of governance in an English city?”, Urban Studies, 33(3): 539-555.

  2) Research reports, books

1. Name of author, year (Gregorian calendar), 「report/book title」, name of publication: publisher.
Mandarin title   榮泰生,2000,「網路行銷」,台北:五南圖書出版公司。
English title     Birch, A., Gerbert, P. and Schneider, D., 2000, The Age of E-tail, Triumph:  Triumph Publishing Company Ltd.
2. Name of author, year (Gregorian calendar), 「title of article in book」, name of editor, book title, name of publication: publisher, page (s)
Mandarin title  王鴻楷,2007,「理性」或理想性?現階段台灣環境規劃專業的歷史任務,王鴻楷、洪啟東編輯,「誰的空間,誰的地?回眸臺海兩岸都市發展三十年」,台北:臺大出版中心,114-126。
English title Brenner, N., Jessop, B., Jones, M., and MacLeod, G., 2003, “Introduction: state space in question”, in Neil Brenner, Jessop, B., Jones, M. and MacLeod, G. (eds.), State/Space: A Reader, Malden, MA: Blackwell, 1-26.

  3) Conference papers: Name of author, year (Gregorian calendar), paper title, 「name of conference /symposium」,  
conference/symposium location, page(s).

Mandarin title   李台京,2007,新竹市城市觀光的創新及發展,「第三屆(2007年)科技與社會學術研討會論文集」,新竹市,270-277。    
English title Lankao, P.R. and Tribia, J.L., 2009, “Assessing patterns of vulnerability, adaptive capacity and resilience across urban centers,” Paper presented at the Fifth Urban Research Symposium 2009, Marseille: France, 2-10

  4) Websites: Name of author, year (Gregorian calendar), article title, website, download date.

Mandarin title   經濟部能源委員會,2005,「能源統計手冊」,2年7月20日下載。      
English title   New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) (2007).Coastal management program, NJDEP, ,(August 9,2007).