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Journal of architecture and plannin Volume1, 2
Article Investigation of Nondestructive Inspection and Structural Safety Assessment in Steel Structure
Author Che-Way Chang

Within the several years the environmental impact on the operation of large steel pressure vessels have taken on critical implications for industries. Due to the corrosion, thinning, settlement, bulge, and fatigue loading, the safety of steel structures become very significant problems. The objective of this study is to develop a method for performance structural safety assessment of steel pressure vessels. The majority of method combines the technique of nondestructive inspection which supplemented by ultrasonic methods, acoustic leak detection, and magnetic flux scanning with the computer finite element stress analysis. It also use fracture mechanics to evaluate for service procedures for steel pressure vessels. It essentially provides that engineers and designers have a method of assessing the structural safety during manufacture or after a structure has entered long term service.

Keywords Nondestructive Inspection, Stress Analysis, Structural Safety Assessment, Fracture Mechanics
Pages pp.1-11

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Journal of architecture and plannin Volume1, 2
Article The Primary Study of Local Developement Institution Form in Taiwan: The Discussion of Some Northern
Author Shu-Jong Liau, Tsu-Lung Chou

This paper aims at exploring and examining the local redevelopment institution in peripheral Taiwan from the perspective of political economy and institutional organization. The paper based on the relevant literature and experiences not only explores the concept and meaning of the institutional organization for local development, but also tries to discuss the important role of institutional framework for local development. We select some northern coach areas with higher growth development in Taipei metropolitan for discerning their structure change and development pattern. We also propose suggestions of well primary institutional mechanism for their future development.

Keywords globalization-localization, local development, institutional organization, northern coach areas
Pages pp.13-34

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Journal of architecture and plannin Volume1, 2
Article The Analysis on the Demand of Recreational Function for the Promenade Seawall Design
Author Ke-Chin Yen

In Taiwan, population grows rapidly, economic circumstances improved and leisure time increased, these have led to a growing demand for outdoor recreation opportunities. It will be aware of the importance of coastal recreation and created promenade facilities in coastal area. The purpose of the paper is to investigate the demand of recreational function on the promenade seawall. Finally, the study will examine the design variable of promenade seawall and introduce a model which has been interpreted the characteristic of recreational uses on the promenade seawall.

Keywords promenade seawall, mild slope seawall, recreational function
Pages pp.35-46

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Journal of architecture and plannin Volume1, 2
Article A Study on the Space Configuration of the French Garden
Author Ming-Ling Yang,Wei-Hsin Hsieh

 This research focuses on the space configuration of the French garden from the viewpoint of architecture, instead of from the traditional viewpoint of space composition method. The whole concepts of the garden space will be explored first, then to discus the style, the principle, and the characteristics of the elements in composing the garden space. After studying the background of subjects, the characteristic of the French garden will be analyzed and proposed through case studies. The principle of the space configuration of the French garden will be derived from analyzing the form of space upon the experiences.

Keywords French garden, space configuration
Pages pp.47 - 69

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